About Us

We believe that everyone should learn these critical lifesaving skills. Every 90 seconds someone goes into cardiac arrest. We are seeing more athletes, and children in sports going into cardiac arrest due to Commotio Cordis (when cardiac arrest happens due to an object, like a baseball or hockey puck that strikes the chest directly over the heart at a very critical time during a heartbeat). We know that cardiac arrest can happen at any time, to anyone. We want everyone we train to feel confident that they can step into any situation to save someone’s life.

At F.A.F. CPR we teach you everything you need to know to save a life, but we love to have fun while doing it! Our classes are very informative, but a lot of fun! We like to keep the classes simple, interactive, and laid back. We believe that our teaching methods ensure that our students retain the knowledge they will need when in a crisis, or panic.

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Who We are

We are F.A.F. CPR. We are all family. We have a team of American Heart Association instructors that started off as people just looking to get certified. We are single moms. We are retirees looking to give back. We are high school and college students looking to make some extra money while possibly saving someone’s life. We are hardworking individuals who wake up every single day motivated because we know that what we do will help someone in need. We know that we are saving the world one life at a time by providing the knowledge and the know-how and the confidence that you will need when that moment we all dread comes. That, at its very core, is who we are. And it is who we want to help you become. We are offering to provide you with invaluable opportunities to never feel helpless. 

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To always know that if a child, loved one, or even a total stranger suddenly, and without warning, is in distress—that YOU—someone in OUR FAMILY is there—and is not hesitating and then—another life is saved. So, what are you waiting for? Join our Family today! We can make you an instructor and offer you everything you could possibly need from equipment to classrooms that are convenient for wherever you need to be. Or we can just get you the individual certifications you are after. Whatever your purpose, don’t delay. Somone’s life you have never even met yet could be hanging in the balance. We are F.A.F. and we can certify or renew you NOW so that you never miss the beats that count!  

Dedicated to Lifesaving Excellence

At F.A.F. CPR we provide the skill sets that are vital to our community’s safety, security and to all our general welfare. We want to inspire minds, young and old, to learn these basic lifesaving skills and to improve upon them over time. We want you to join our family and get certified. We want you to make sure your friends and loved ones are certified and protected too. We want you to increase your certifications at your own pace and as you deem proper for whatever it is you personally have going on in life and we want to also provide you a way to make some extra income by engaging in one of the Nobelist professions the modern world has ever known. Teaching others how to save lives. Certifying others in these vital life preserving skills.

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If you are interested in teaching we will mentor and guide you to the point of becoming your own instructor, we will provide the certifications and all the skills required to be certified. You can work with us, and we will help market and grow your business, or you can teach on your own. Either way we are here to help you achieve the goals you set out. We are dedicated to excellence. We are dedicated to spreading these important skillsets to as many people as we possibly can, and we are proud to provide these services as fast as we possibly can. We are F.A.F. and we can certify or renew you NOW, as an instructor in our family or simply as an individual in need of a certification. Schedule your time with us today so that you never miss the beats that count!